I’m a twenty-something aspiring writer from outside New Orleans. When my parents give me grief about being a supreme introvert, I like to tell them they shouldn’t have named me after the biggest introvert in literary history.

Besides hiding in my house weeping over a blinking cursor, I’m also a really masochistic nature person. What this means is occasionally I decide to take lengthy road trips, huddle under a forty pound backpack and hike miles to sleep on the ground. This might sound quite horrible to most people, but there’s nothing like physical activity and the priceless inspiration of nature to reset your clock.

As a writer-in-progress, I also read a ton. My friends know me as someone who stubbornly makes obscure Harry Potter references and generally acts like an anti-social nerd. I consume music almost as liberally as I do coffee and books.

Favorite authors: Maggie Stiefvater, Rainbow Rowell and of course J.K. Rowling

Current tunes: “Colour in my Hands feat. Fink” by D.L.i.d., “When You Break” by Bear’s Den and “Neptune” by Sleeping At Last