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Writer In Progress

New Year, new blog.

I decided to take a break from my obsessive editing to create this blog. Okay, really I’m just procrastinating and trying to feel better about it by doing something semi-productive.

I’m an aspiring writer (in case you couldn’t tell by the title). I am in the process of editing my YA Fantasy. It’s, by no means, my first manuscript, but I would rather not talk about my previous attempts. Let’s just say my cat could probably do better.

I think I’ve come a long way and I’m determined to one day see my writing traditionally published. Hopefully, it will be the MS that I’m currently working on, but we’ll see.

Besides staring with glazed and watering eyes at a blinking cursor hours at a time, I’m also pretty fond of eating and sleeping. Kidding! (Actually I haven’t done a lot of either lately which is probably why I’m such a basket-case.) I’m a huge nerd, probably a cliche for a YA writer from what I’ve gathered from stalking my heroes. I nerd over everything from coffee and indie bands to Game of Thrones and the latest YA series I’ve glued my eyes to. I drive my friends crazy with obscure Harry Potter references. It’s very rare that I don’t have a book in my bag and a coffee in my hand.

I’m also a huge introvert and can go from staying in my house for days at a time to taking 18 hour road trips to backpack across impossible terrain. Every time I do these crazy nature things, I realize I am not only crazy, but I also apparently enjoy really sore feet and sore everything. It’s hard to regret getting to see sights like this though…


Pretty fantastic, right? It was definitely worth the sore feet!

So, besides nature and blinking cursors I have a Bachelors in Art which means I occasionally create things, you know, when I can be bothered between weeping over my manuscript.

Hopefully, this blog will be regularly updated. With what, I’m not entirely sure. We’ll find out.


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